faye buxton

In 2017 I came to a natural decision to follow a vegetarian diet but, having been a meat eater for most of my life I felt like I was struggling to maintain a balanced diet and I was worried that I was not feeling fully nourished. I felt like I needed some extra help other than reading from the internet and fumbling my way through this huge change. I contacted Leanne and I have been blown away by her knowledge and support with the whole transition. She looked at my menu plans for an average week in the household and advised me on what I should be adding to ensure that my diet was complete as well as giving me recipe ideas. 

As I live with two other BIG meat eaters she came up with great ideas for meals so that I am now not cooking 2-3 different dishes every day. Leanne put together a 6 month plan for me and has always been to hand, checking in regularly and sending me recipes and articles of interest. Her advice and support has been invaluable to me throughout this whole process. 

I am now progressing onto my next challenge which is setting up an exercise and wellness plan that I can stick to. I cannot wait to work with Leanne again on this next phase!