nicole richardson

I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful experience I’ve had working with Leanne! She has a true passion for healthy eating and lifestyle and is genuinely committed to helping others achieve their goals.  She is a genius on nutrition, has introduced me to so many healthy products I did not even know existed and has endless recipes to incorporate this all together. She is motivating, her solutions are realistic and she is beyond a pleasure to work with. I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater and was amazed at how much I had to learn.  If you’re someone who is not kitchen savvy like me Leanne can help simplify things to help meet your needs. She has helped me to eat better, cleaner, smarter and has offered many quick and healthy options. I have 3 very small children and a full time job and just when I thought I couldn’t possible squeeze in another thing Leanne has helped me find DOABLE ways to fit in healthy eating for both myself and my husband  tricks  to get some nutrition into my picky eaters, ways to manage stress, fit in exercise and even find some time for myself even with demanding schedules.  I left even my first session with her with some great insight and tools to make some easy changes. Working with Leanne for just a short time I feel I’ve truly made life long changes for myself and my family and it feels great. If you are looking to make changes she can help you set goals, examine what you might be doing wrong and make positive changes. Her workshops are amazing and make me hang on every word she says!   She truly goes above and beyond with her clients. You will love working with her and love all she has to offer!