Welcome to My Goodness Health & Lifestyle Coaching!  I’m so pleased you found me!

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching is a wonderful partnership between coach and client working together to identify and achieve health and lifestyle goals.  Integrative nutrition is about making sustainable changes to move to a place of optimal wellness.  Eating well is of course a major factor but to achieve the perfect balance we also focus on other areas like sleep, fitness and relaxation.

Your personal goals could include wanting to sleep better and have more energy to run around after your family, learning to meal plan and prepare nutritious and delicious meals and snacks.  You may also feel like you can’t fit in that crucial ‘me time’ and are struggling to manage your time to achieve a happy and healthy balanced life.

I’d love to support you on a journey to discover a greater version of yourself.  Practical advice, accountability and support are keys to success and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way!

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I work with busy people near and far, either in the community when we can meet face to face as well as clients on the other side of the world.  We can be equally successful when we connect online.  

My clients are female & male of any age and entire families too!  You may be a busy Mum who is struggling to fit in the time for fitness, not sleeping well and finding it challenging to put healthy meals on the table for a family.  You may be a full-time working Mum or Dad juggling family and work and wondering how to fit in the time for you!

Health & Lifestyle coaches also provide wonderful support to some people with medical conditions to get them on the path to a healthy future where the right diet and lifestyle can be life-changing.  The right food is one of the most powerful medicines around.



How many times have you said ‘I’ll start on Monday!’  only to have lost momentum by Wednesday?!

Working with a Health & Lifestyle  Coach will give you an accountability partner which is key to success. We’ll agree on realistic and achievable goals with deadlines and we will celebrate milestones. 

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I don’t believe in fad diets and short-cuts, the way forward is to eat a rainbow of real food, and enjoy a balanced life. Taking baby steps to lead to long-term sustainable lifestyles change.

Knowing what to eat and finding the right diet for you can be a minefield, there is so much contradictory information out there.  Food labels can be tricky to read and misleading, low-fat, low-calories, what’s on trend now?

I will help you to understand what is good to put on your plate, how to make a weekly meal plan, how to read those labels, how to shop and how to cook!  

A kitchen detox could be on the menu too!