about leanne

Hi, I’m Leanne and my passion is food, fitness, fun and family but not necessarily in that order!

I LOVE food. Real food! I love smoothies and salads but I also love chocolate, coffee and red wine too. Life is all about balance and I am a big believer in the 80-20 rule.

Cooking is a real passion of mine and it’s how I express my creativity.


I'm a Mum of two very active little boys aged 4 and 6 and they keep me on my toes! My loving and supportive husband encourages me every step of the way to make positive change to our lives and I'm very lucky to have many beautiful friends in my life.


I love to share my knowledge and passion for all things health and lifestyle.

As a vegetarian in a meat-eating household I’m very much living by my philosophy that one diet type isn’t right for everyone. Every mealtime is a variation of a theme, making sure that everyone has a balanced plate, with the foods that work best for them!


I spent many years in the corporate world in a number of big cities around the world and loved what I did. I am grateful for the amazing life and travel experiences I’ve had. Since having my two sons my priorities have changed and my feet are now firmly rooted in suburban New York.

A desire to balance work and family-life combined with a lifelong passion for health and nutrition led me down the path of Health & Lifestyle Coaching. I discovered that juggling life as a busy Mum and finding time for yourself can be a challenge.

I am now a certified Health & Lifestyle Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Becoming a Health & Lifestyle Coach has changed my life and my family’s life immeasurably. I’m now living a better version of myself, I’m fitter, healthier, more organised, and more mindful than ever before.

I hope to be able to touch the lives of others by making health and vitality a part of everyday life.