it’s a Good Start

End of Summer 14 Day Cleanse

Monday September 23rd until Sunday October 6th


Sadly, summer is coming to a close. Vacations were plentiful, fun and care-free just as they should be! The drinks flowed and may be still flowing and ‘just one more’ is the norm!  

If after all the highs, you’re now feeling the downside over-indulgences can bring, then maybe a cleanse is just what you need to factor in to your end-of-summer schedule. A new chapter begins as the kids return to school and life takes on new twists and turns.

Ditch the processed food, fad diets and counting calories and join me on my ‘Good Start’ 14 day clean eating program where you will fuel your body with an abundance of real food.

Set yourself a goal and have a vision of stepping into the next chapter feeling comfortable and confident in your body. 

This is a chance to carve out some time for yourself and nourish your body.

Challenge = Change!

The ‘Good Start’ program will lead you on a journey to a new sustainable way of eating for health and vitality.

You will eliminate all processed food and focus on an array of plant-based carbohydrates, good healthy fats and clean protein.

This nutrient dense, whole food program will leave you feeling lighter, more vibrant and energetic, never hungry!  

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  • Meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the 14 days

  • Recipes to accompany the meal plan

  • Grocery list for advance preparation

  • Private Facebook group so you can share your experience with other participants, seek support and

    guidance from myself and receive daily inspirational tips.



The program will begin on Monday September 23rd and end on the evening of Sunday October 6th 2019.

You will receive the meal planning pack 4 days in advance of the start date.


the investment


Sign up now and get the early bird price of $70.

From Monday September 16th the price will revert to the full cost of $80.

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